Graphic Design
Designing Ecofuture with Circular Design
We live in a linear economy for decades. It is a Take-Make-Trash one way street that depletes finite reserves to create products that end up in landfills. We don't even think about it and it seems like the only feasible way, but not anymore.

Moving away from linear, to circular economy, that has a closed loop and continuously repurposing materials, nutrients and data is an emerging need right now to create a healthy economy that is in balance with nature, an Ecofuture. Transitioning the circular economy to the mainstream will be a big challenge, but one that brings tremendous benefits and values to our planet and future.

This an exhibit artwork for F:Space, an experiential pop up and partner event of Singapore Design Week 2017.

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Selected graphic print works while freelancing with The Right Mix Pte Ltd

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Team: The Right Mix
Role: Art direction, graphic design
QR code
Chinese seal QR

Qr code doesn't need to be boring. They can be as great as they deserve to be.
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Isometric Illustration
These isometric illustrations are generated from 2D blueprint technical drawings, drawn in Illustrator.